Aids to Navigation
Aids to navigation include both floating and fixed objects and range from a small buoy to a manned lightship or lighthouse with visible and electronic signals. Navigational aids help a boatowner know his location and the safe course on which he should proceed.

Buoy - A floating marker anchored to the bottom and sometimes equipped with audible, visual and/or electronic signals. It marks out navigable channels.

Daybeacon - An unlighted fixed structure with a pointer, sign or "daymarker."

Light - A fixed aid, floating or on land, with an identification number and a light at the top.

Ranges - Pairs of lighted or unlighted fixed aids which indicate the centerline of a channel. One marker is closer to you then the other and when you line them up, your craft is in the channel.

Radiobeacon - A transmitter which broadcasts a characteristic signal to aid navigating at night, in fog or between distant points beyond the range of normal visibility.

Electronic Navigation System - One or more radio transmitters emitting special signals to aid in navigating in fog or when out of sight of land.

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