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Your  Interactive  Guide  To  The  San  Joaquin  Delta
The Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta offers boaters over 700 miles of navigable waterways. This alluring area provides the best of many forms of water recreation; skiing, sailing, or just plain cruising. However, due to its popularity, the Delta represents one of the State's highest accident areas. Weather, hazards, wakes, ferries and tide offer varied boating safety problems.

We believe that every person who takes control of a boat, regardless of the size of the vessel, has a personal responsibility to become educated and trained in the proper operation of that boat. Boating is a fun, exciting recreational activity. Letís work together to ensure that you, your family and those sharing the water with you have an enjoyable experience.

Operating Rules: You are legally responsible for the safety of those on your boat, any damage your boat causes to other boats and property, and all others injured by any damage you cause. Just like driving a car, if you don't know and obey the rules, the fact that you didn't know them is not a valid defense. Boat operators are expected to make sure that their boats carry at least a minimum of safety equipment and comply with federal and state regulations.

U.S. Coast Guard
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Boating Regulations

Equipment Safety - Regardless of how many years you've been boating, safety must be your first concern. If your vessel loses power or suffers a casualty, there are several ways to obtain assistance. The Coast Guard and most county sheriffs are the primary search and rescue agencies in the Delta. However, the quickest remedy may be seeking the aid of a passing boat. Flares, smoke, blinking lights or waving arms have helped many. A marine radio equipped to handle Coast Guard frequencies will insure that assistance is on its way. Hazards, such as shoals, mud flats, submerged pilings, floating and submerged debris, and overhanging snags offer many navigational problems. Shallow areas are shown on nautical charts. Submerged ledges, parallel to levee banks, trap or ground snags. If you plan to beach your boat, do so at right angles to the shore. Always cruise away from shore and shallow areas.

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