Calendar and Planetary Position Miscellany

Planetary position software in C, written for Linux hnav.tgz This code used to make on Sun sparc's, too; it has problems (too big) with Borland C or Turbo C for DOS. For a not-gzip'd version, get hnav.tar.

The .tgz file is about 140k; tell Netscape to save it as "source", without any tampering with it, and it should work.

Some of the documentation files contained within it:

Calendar software: C code to do date-of-Easter calculations and liturgical calendars. easter.txt is the documentation or how-to-use file. (This used to be easter.doc, as good UNIX documentation files should be named, but nowadays, that extension gets interpreted by browsers as the format of a certain popular word-processor.)

The tar-file is jd.tar , and in gnu-compressed form, it is jd.tgz .

Planetary positions as of about an hour ago:

Some practical astronomy:

Answers ...